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The 2000's are over and your mother hasn't asked you how many www's she needs to type to buy those beanie babies for a few years now. Evolution demands improvement and that's why our staff at Genuine Flips, LLC will make sure you get what you want when you want it.

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Brandon Junson

Avid Anime collector

I looked everywhere
until I found Genuine Flips, LLC

I've watch Anime for the major part of my adult life and the last thing I want to do is spend my time scouring auction sites for items. Genuine Flips makes it so I can enjoy more of what I love.

Anise Rose

Mom of the year

I needed a break
which means my kids needed a break.

I tried standing lines and scouring fb marketplace but it was impossible to get a console for my kids. I'm just glad Genuine Flips never gave up because without them I would still be looking.

Let others stand in line

Let's face it, your time is more valuable than ever. We all have a little side hustle wating to get out there and conquer. Click a link and search "Genuine Flips" and stop waiting for life to give you what you want.


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